Derbyshire motorists warned over roadworks

DERBYSHIRE drivers are being urged to take extra care at roadworks as the Highways Agency highlights its safety message to prevent deaths and injuries among road workers and road users.

Twice as many drivers now recognise that they have a responsibility to drive safely near roadworks compared to four years ago, Highways Agency research shows. More than eight out of ten drivers say that their driving changes at roadworks, including slowing down and being more careful and attentive. Between 2005 and 2010, nine road workers were killed and 10 seriously injured while working on England’s motorways and major A roads as a direct result of accidents involving drivers travelling through works.

Over the same period seven drivers and three passengers were reported to have been killed while driving through road works .

Roads Minister Mike Penning said: “Road workers work in a dangerous environment and it’s vital drivers show them respect and consideration by driving safely and keeping within the speed limit. I welcome findings that show more and more drivers realise how important it is to take care while driving near roadworks. However, more needs to be done as the death and injury toll is still unacceptable.

“Driving through half a mile of roadworks at 50mph takes just ten seconds more than at 70mph. My message to road users is clear: Do not risk lives and wreck families for a few seconds of selfishness.”