Derbyshire Relate adds to services it offers

RELATE Derby and Southern Derbyshire has increased its services so it can support even more individuals, couples and families who are experiencing relationship problems.

Bev Miller, centre director, of Relate in Derby said: “As the economic situation continues to be difficult for many families and people face potential job losses; the stress and pressures can impact on relationships. We have now increased our service provision and have two additional family counsellors and two additional sex therapists so that we can meet the increased demand for our services.”

At Derby Relate there are now six family counsellors and three sex therapists.

Family counselling is for any group of people who describe themselves as a family. This may include parents, sibling groups – children or adult, extended family members – grandparents, aunts, uncles etc, and blended families.

Bev said: “The family counselling service is ideal for parents and children who are struggling to communicate effectively or where parents, whose different ideas and practices around parenting, cause friction in the couple and family relationships. We also see many adult siblings who have unresolved issues affecting their relationships. Additionally Family Counselling supports blended families coping with bringing together differences in discipline and expectations into a ‘new’ family.

The Relate Sex Therapy service has always been an important service offered by the Derby Centre. Relate is the UK’s largest provider of sex therapy, and helped nearly 5,000 people with sexual problems last year. It is not uncommon for people to experience sexual difficulties at some time in their lives. Stress, tiredness, illness, anxiety, a new baby or a medical reason can all affect a person’s sex life. Sexual difficulties can cause a great deal of misery – couples unable to have sex can feel loss, rejection, a loss of intimacy that can drive a wedge between the couple and yet it can be treated. Relate provides sex therapy to help couples and individuals (gay, lesbian or straight) overcome specific sexual problems and dysfunctions. After Relate sex therapy 93 per cent of clients say their sex life improves dramatically.

Appointments for Relate Derby and Southern Derbyshire can be made by calling 01332 349177. Lines are open Monday to Thursday from 9.30am to 8pm, and Friday and Saturday from 9.30am to 12.30pm.