Derbyshire residents ‘left stranded’ by bus service changes

Trentbarton have altered the routes of their nines service.
Trentbarton have altered the routes of their nines service.

Residents of Little Eaton and Coxbench are furious at a decision by a local bus company to alter their bus routes, claiming it has left them without adequate public transport.

Trent Barton altered the route of their 9.1 and 9.2 services at the end of May, which has meant that the buses bypass the villages completely.

Residents say there was no public consultation on the matter and the first they heard of the changes was from one of the bus drivers.

Since then, there have been two public meetings with representatives of Trent Barton, but they say the company seems unwilling to change the route back.

Mike Blackwell, a local resident, says the company told him that the only reason the changes were made was to save up to four minutes on the journey time to and from Derby.

Mike said: “We have had a bus service in the villages for almost 100 years. My parents and grandparents used the bus all the time.”

The changes also mean there are no buses after 7pm which, according to Mike, is causing difficulties for people getting home, who work in the evening, and for those going into Derby city centre to socialise.

During the day is not much better, as residents say they are having to rely on the Amberline buses which are not as regular as the 9.1 and 9.2, especially in early morning when people need to get to work.

Tom Burgess, manager at the Queen’s Head pub, said: “The bus changes have meant the village has almost been cut off.

“It is causing problems for two of our staff who work in the evening as they are having problems getting home.

“Also, it is affecting some of our customers who want to have a few drinks and now can’t get into the village in the evening, without driving.”

Tom Morgan, director of service delivery for Trent Barton, said: “Unfortunately the nines will no longer serve Little Eaton or Coxbench, however both areas are served by alternative Trent Barton buses, amberline and the sevens.

“We are in discussions with Derbyshire County Council and local residents about how we can make sure that the withdrawal of the nines from the area will have as little impact as possible.”