DERBYSHIRE: Train crowding information is ‘step in right direction’

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Moves to better inform rail passengers about which services are crowded have been welcomed by Derbyshire County Council.

Coalition Government rail minister Norman Baker has written to every train operator urging them to publish train by train information, in a simple traffic light system, which lets passengers know which services are busiest.

But Councillor Andy Botham, Derbyshire County Council’s deputy cabinet member for jobs, economy and transport, said the Coalition Government needs to do more.

“Information on crowding is a step in the right direction to help passengers choose when to travel.

“But the fact is, many passengers have no choice about when they travel because they’re travelling to and from work during the morning and evening rush hour.

“The Coalition Government needs to talk to train operators about increasing their capacity by making sure more carriages are available at busy times.”

He added: “A thriving economy needs an efficient transport network. And passengers have a right to expect they will be able to get on the right train at the right time to complete their journey relatively comfortably.”