Director James to shoot film in Belper

Traffic wardens are the 
focus of a new film being shot around Belper by an award-winning young director.

James Postlethwaite, 19, will start shooting “Warden” on King Street next week, with the finished movie being entered into international film festivals.

The film follows a day in the life of a supposed overzealous parking warden who has a reputation for bending the rules to issue as many tickets as possible.

The story is written by Darren Stanton and Neal Kumar, two actors who have recently wrote many short films
 including ʻJames’ last project “Downfall”, which is also being put forward for several UK and international festivals.

James said: “I was originally asked to direct ʻWardenʼ after developing a great working relationship with both writers after they were involved with feature film, Cue, which I directed back in 2012.

“After several production meetings and an initial script read, the image that I had in my mind, in terms of itʼs location and detail, matched Belper directly, so I thought, hell why not, letʼs bring some filming back to Belper! We start shooting mid-June on King Street on three out of the four Sundays so pop down, chances are youʼll bump into us. The short has a great comical twist which Iʼm unable to give away, but when I first got the script I love the ending, so Iʼm sure other people will like it too.”

Previously James helped shoot a documentary on 80s band The Smiths for the BBC and scooped two Princess Diana Awards signed by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP and actress Maggie Turner.He travels to Los Angeles in October to work with a production crew and fly the flag for UK film.

James continued: “Weʼll be producing and shooting a variety of short films over four weeks whilst hooking up with a great team of actors called ʻBrits in LA headed by a friend of mine, Craig Robert Young (Dream Team, NCIS: Los Angeles, Fringe, Lost and Charmed) who originally started his career in Nottingham.”

Above is James’ last short film ‘Downfall’ which follows Rob (Darren Stanton), a recovering car crash victim who has developed special abilities since his near-fatal underwater car accident.

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