Discovering Derbyshire gems with new mobile app

iPad and iPhone screenshots of the app
iPad and iPhone screenshots of the app

A new smartphone app has been developed that helps people discover 200 ‘hidden gems’ across Derbyshire.

The app has been created by Higham-based company Audio Trails Ltd which has produced location-aware apps for many high-profile heritage and countryside sites across England and Wales.

A spokesman said: “At the heart of this free download are personal oral reminiscences and some of the best archive photography the region has to offer. Use this app to compare now and then.

“Listen to local residents’ personal stories that bring the past to life and fade old images of Derbyshire into your camera view and see how today’s scene has changed. There are walking trails to unlock and nearly 200 ‘hidden gems’ to explore across the region.

“Further places and trails will be added to the app throughout the 2015 Made in Derbyshire cultural celebrations, and beyond.”

The app is available for iOS devices on the AppStore and an Android version is planned to follow later in the year.