Dismay at vandalism

Ruined planter
Ruined planter
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mindless vandals have been slammed after a floral display in Milford was wrecked.

Flowers have been ripped from the planter, which is on the A6, and strewn on the pavement.

Local group Blooming Milford believe it took place during the evening of Thursday, April 21.

The damage comes only weeks after daffodils across the road from the planter were trampled.

A group spokesman said: “The action appears quite deliberate. Surely there must be a witness or two. It is totally demoralising.”

An identical planter only yards away was untouched.

The village is entering this year’s East Midlands in Bloom competition, which is in July.

The spokesman added: “I urge whoever has done it to think twice about their actions.”