Do the Swiss know about it?


A friend from Canada came to see me and his first remark was: “What are you doing living in the sticks?”

And I’ve been in Belper for 30 years, and before that 20 years at Ambergate.

Yes, it is very easy when living in the sticks to become insular and parochial, and so I wonder over the Swiss Cafe affair, has anyone been in touch with the Swiss Embassy in London?

Are the Swiss aware that we are living in the Switzerland of England?

Could their PR people make something out of this that would be of equal benefit to us all?

Perhaps of financial benefit? But certainly of tourism ‘both ways’.

In the past I have been involved in approaching large companies for sponsorship, as I was secretary of the British Professional Cycle Racing Association.

My biggest coup was contacting the Milk Marketing Board (MMB) at the height of their ‘Drink More Milk’ campaign with my ideas, and I was invited down to their PR office in London.

I spent two hours with the MMB and came away knowing they were going to sponsor the 1958 Tour of Britain the following year.

That sponsorship lasted 35 years.

From little acorns, etc.

Dave Orford, Belper