Dog fouling in town centre


Re problems with dog mess.

After reading the article in last week’s issue of Belper News, I felt the need to tell you about problems with dog mess on Derwent Street. Many people use Derwent Street for parking and to use the local businesses located down there namely, dentist, garages etc.

The amount of dog mess down Derwent Street is becoming progressively worse and it is of an unacceptable standard.

Every day there are fresh mounds of dog mess right on the pavements where people are walking.

I park in the free car park and work in the town so I use the street daily. Why can’t dog owners just clean it up? There are bins provided at the short stay car park at the top of Derwent Street and also in the free car park at the bottom of Derwent Street, so there is no excuse for dog owners not to clean it up.

I am a dog owner myself and wherever I am I always ensure I think of other people and clean up the mess – it goes with the territory of having a dog, and if people are going to have a dog they have to accept the responsibility.

I know the problem is an idle nation but I think the town council should tighten the rules and put up dog fouling penalty notices. Maybe this would kick people into action to clean it up?

Come on Belper Town Council, get some notices up around town and help make it a better place for people who live and work in the town.

Name and address supplied