Dogs Trust aiming to educate kids on keeping canines

DOGS Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, is calling on schools across Derbyshire to show their support for responsible dog ownership by backing the Paws up for Poop Scoop campaign.

Poop Scoop Week runs nationwide from July 25 to July 31 and encourages dog owners to demonstrate responsible dog ownership and pick up after their dogs.

Children are being urged to remind dog owners to scoop the poop. Taking part is easy, go to and click on Paws up for Poop Scoop, custom made leaflets and posters can also be designed and displayed in and around the schools.

Clarissa Baldwin, Dogs Trust chief executive, said: “We want Poop Scoop Week to be about saying thank you and well done to the millions of well-behaved dog owners, but also to remind the irresponsible minority that their dog can’t pick up after itself.

“Children are the dog owners of the future and we are calling on them to put their Paws up for Poop Scoop.”