Driver warns superstore spillages are a road hazard

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breaking news

A Belper woman has warned other motorists to be wary of fuel spillages near a supermarket in town.

Nickie Shaw, says her car skidded on diesel that was on a service road between Morrisons and the adjoining petrol station.

But she says that neither Morrisons nor Tesco, the company that actually owns the land, are able to do anything about it.

Nickie said: “I have tried contacting Tesco to find out why they have taken no action, but after calling them this morning I am just being told to write to their insurance company.

“But this doesn’t stop the potential accidents happening.

“I am not convinced simply writing to Tesco with details of the cost of my repairs will ensure the safety of people on the road and pavement in this area.

“I seem to be unable to get through to anyone who will view this as a matter of safety that needs addressing quickly rather than it being about money.”

She says that similar accidents happen quite a lot at the same location.

A spokesman for Tesco said that there was little they could say as they may own the land but do not have a store there.

They said the issue was more for Morrisons.

A spokesman for Morrisons said the incident was not a matter for them to comment on.