Driver weeps as video is shown

THE driver of the car that collided with a woman in Little Eaton and killed her broke down in tears when a police reconstruction video was show at the inquest into her death.

Irina Kerov put her head in her hands as PC Ian Phillips talked the coroner’s court in Derby through three separate video clips on Monday, July 25.

The trio of clips showed a police car reconstructing Miss Kerov’s route towards the pelican crossing on Alfreton Road in Little Eaton near to where her Daewoo Lanos was in collision with Vicky Wall at 5.45am on Tuesday, January 11.

Mrs Wall, 58, was walking to work at Little Eaton Primary School.

The inquest heard that all three clips replicated the damp weather and dim light that were prevalent on January 11, with a police officer standing in as a pedestrian.

The first video had no pedestrians in it; the second clip had a pedestrian on the pavement near the road’s junction with The Town; and the third clip showed a pedestrian stood at the kerbside near the crossing.

In the last two clips the pedestrian featured was wearing dark clothing and was barely visible in the dark as the police car approached at 30mph.

The pedestrian in the second video was virtually invisible.

At a previous hearing Miss Kerov, who is originally from Estonia, told the court, through an interpreter, that she did not see Mrs Wall until after the impact and that she was wearing dark clothes.

The court heard Mrs Wall, of Croft End, Little Eaton, was probably hit by Miss Kerov’s car in the middle of the Ripley-bound carriageway.

It was said that Mrs Wall was thrown onto the Derby-bound side by the impact and came to rest on the zig-zag lines near the guard rail at the crossing.

Pc Phillips told the inquest that he believed Mrs Wall was crossing the road at a section between The Town junction and the crossing — rather than on the crossing itself.

He said that damage to the car was consistent with a collision taking place at “around 30mph”.

Pc Phillips told the court there was a dent on the bumper and bonnet and a crack in the windscreen where Mrs Wall had hit her head.

He also said that as a result of the collision the driver’s side door could not close properly.

Vehicle examiner Trevor Jones said the anti-lock braking system (ABS) on the car was faulty, but that the lights were on before impact.

The court heard that Miss Kerov had not driven since the incident.

Coroner Dr Robert Hunter adjourned the hearing until August 1.