Drivers warned to expect 15 more months of disruption ... but then five years with no ‘major interventions’

Gridlock on the M1
Gridlock on the M1

Highways Agency bosses have said commuters on the M1 face another 15 months of disruption due to ongoing road improvements.

But they say the roadworks will make for easier journeys once completed - with fewer delays, better safety measures and more ‘intelligent’ road management.

They also added that the works, which are due to be completed next December, will be good for business - improving road links around the Chesterfield area.

Senior project manager Andy Kirk said: “People are getting a lot of pain at the moment from these roadworks, but once they are completed there should not be any need for any major interventions on the stretch for a good five years.”

He added that better roads should also make the area more appealing for businesses looking for good transport links, as well as make the stretch of motorway around 15 per cent safer than it is at present.

Another aim of the ongoing work is a reduction in noise from the motorway affectingnearby housing, he added.

Work has almost finished on building the concrete barrier between Junction 28 and Junction 31, the Chesterfield stretch, and work will now continue widening the section and putting in other improvements.

Work on a separate stretch, between junctions 31 and 35, is set to conclude next December, the Highways Agency said.