Drugs needles found as riders plague estate

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Rowdy moped riders are disrupting the nights of residents on a Belper estate.

The teenagers are often seen riding two abreast at night - and hang around a bus shelter until 4am.

Problems were outlined at a meeting of Belper Town Council on Tuesday, September 17 where residents were advised to keep telling police about every incident.

One neighbour said she had spent £560 on CCTV for her home on Whitemoor. She told councillors: “Two came up to the window and leered and smirked.”

Another woman said drug needles had been found around a bus shelter.

She felt “frightened and intimidated” after driving up the road and facing two mopeds coming towards her and passing on each side of her car. Other youths were kicking a football around the street.

A man said 14 householders had raised concerns about “anti-social behaviour getting quite bad”.

He added: “The Hunter Road bus shelter is a big 

“It seems it is being used for the wrong reasons.”

On some nights, the council heard, up to 17 youths were seen around the shelter.

Some could be heard banging on it

Council leader John Nelson said: “We built a teen shelter on the recreation ground and what did they do? They burnt it down.”

Belper Mayor Debbie Biss praised the neighbours for keeping police in touch with the problems.

She added: “It encourages the police to target the area and take action against anti-social behaviour.”

Cllr Jim Anderson told the meeting he saw moped riders three abreast in Ladywood Avenue.

Residents suggested the bus shelter could be moved. They were told it is not owned by the council and provides useful cover for elderly people.

Latest crime figures, which relate to July, show that there were 76 incidents involving anti-social behaviour in Belper during that month out of a total of 122 crimes.

That amounted to a rise of 11 incidents on July and was the highest amount experienced in the town of any month this year.

Eighteen of the anti-social incidents in July took place on the Whitemoor Estate.

Twelve were confined to the town centre, while 13 took place around the Bridge Street area.

The Whitemoor estate has been dogged by anti-social problems in recent years.

In 2009 police increased patrols, notified the parents of those causing nuisance, and there were a number of arrests for criminal damage.