Dumped Missy back to purr-fect health

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Six-year-old rescue cat Missy was dumped at the vets after an accident left her in need of a leg amputation.

However, after being adopted by Emma and David Rose of Nether Heage she is now “rather proud of her looks” and is the latest entry for our Pets on Parade comeptition.

Our postbag has been filled with masterful moggies this week, following our appeal for more purr-fect pictures.

Gillian Bilbie, of Elm Avenue, Belper also sent in picture of Tigsy and Tula andRichard Fletcher submitted one of 18-year-old moggy, Molly.Meanwhile, Jane McCarthy of Milford sent in a snap of Labrador, Lurcher cross Bryn.

They are all in with a chance of winning six months’ worth of free pet food, with second place receiving a three-month supply and third place a Husse hamper.

Send your entries in jpeg format by email to editor@belpernews.co.uk, or hard copy prints to Pets on Parade, Belper News, 8 Heanor Road, Ilkeston, Derbsyhire, DE7 8ER or drop them off at our community postbox at News corner, top of King Street, Belper.

Just two pictures per pet and you MUST include your full name, address and day and evening contact numbers.

The competition is only open to cat and dog owners.

We will run entries that make the final at a later date when readers will be able to vote for their favourite, with the one with the most votes declared our winner.

Usual Belper News competition rules apply.