Early registration for police chief election

Voters in Belper have been receiving their regisration forms earlier than usual this year, as Amber Valley prepares to elect its first American-style police commissioner.

Each year, the council sends out nearly 55,000 voter registration forms to ensure the electoral register is as up-to-date.

However, as the first election of a Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire is being held on November 15 the forms have been posted more than a month earlier.

The commissioner will control the police budget and have the power to hire and fire the chief constable, who will continue to run operational policing.

Peter Carney, Electoral Registration Officer for Amber Valley said: “We want to encourage people to respond as quickly as possible. These are new elections. If you want to have your say, you must ensure you are registered to vote.”

The council is urging more people to use the online system if there are no changes to their details to help save taxpayers money.

Where there are changes to registration details, residents will need to return their form by post, to Main Reception at Ripley Town Hall or to one of the town centre offices.

Mr Carney added: “Registering to vote is quick and simple. All you have to do is use the electronic system to confirm that no details have changed or update the voter registration form with details of everyone who lives in the household and is eligible to vote.”

For more information, contact the Amber Valley elections team on 01773 841634 or by email elections@ambervalley.gov.uk