Ecclesbourne school come top of the class

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Duffield headtacher James McNamara has expressed his joy at his school being named one of the top 22 in the country.

The Ecclesbourne School was labelled one of the best non-fee paying schools in the UK by leading society magazine Tatler.

The school was praised for its 33 per cent A* to A results achieved at A-level standard last year. It was also acknowledged for the county champion equestrian team and a new sports centre.

Mr McNamara said the rating came as a great surprise.

He said: “It was a lovely surprise when friends and colleagues emailed me over New Year to tell me that The Ecclesbourne School had been chosen by The Tatler as one of the best state schools in the country.

“I have had to take a fair amount of ribbing, though, as I’m not strictly speaking known as a subscriber to The Tatler. However, we’re grateful for the recognition and really proud of our school and our students and staff who work so hard and achieve great things year in and year out.

“It is important to recognise that Derbyshire is a great place to go to school and there are lots of really superb schools here.

“Ecclesbourne is a non-selective school and all our students are equally important and have talents and abilities that it is our responsibility to discover and develop.

“It is a happy school and everyone associated with the school including its parents and Governors are very supportive of what we are trying to achieve.

“As a former Chair of Governors here Pauline Latham has a long and happy association with Ecclesbourne.

“While serving as Chair of Governors she was absolutely instrumental in ensuring the survival of our Sixth Form when it was threatened with closure.”