Play equipment is a hit with pupils

After a year of careful deliberation, pupils from Horsley Woodhouse Primary School were let loose on brand new play equipment at the start of the term.

When staff at the school began floating the idea of improving the play facilities at the school in July last year - pupils busily filled in questionnaires and flicked through catalogues to pick out the right equipment for the school.

And the resounding consensus was that the children wanted something exciting to climb.

“I think the children had an idea of what they wanted in mind,” said class teacher Alison Chilton. “They have for a while wanted something they can climb on and kids love to climb!”

Following a year of fundraising by the parents, teachers and friends’ association (PTFA), the school had the funds to buy the £12,000 ‘trim-trail’, which features a set of stepping stones, a balance board and a climbing frame at the end, complete with a super-soft safety mat.

A total of £7,000 was raised by the PTFA itself following a summer fair, Christmas fair and a ‘ladies night’.

Mrs Chilton said the new trim trail was great for improving youngsters’ co-ordination, strength and balance.

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