Election results

THE results of Amber Valley Borough Council election results.

The results are as follows.

23:43 Ripley and Marehay

Turnout: 36%

Ron Ashton - Conservatives: 827 (elected)

Ken Cooper - BNP: 369

Lyndsay Delyth Cox - Labour: 482

(3 votes rejected)

Cllr Ashton says: "I feel magnificent. Many thanks to the people who voted for me. I can do a good job for them. I'm very pleased. I hope to develop Ripley and Marehay in general, and particularly work with businesses for better public transport and more things for the youngsters."

23:50 It has been announced that the late arrival of postal votes has delayed the counting in all other wards. The final result may not be revealed until after 2am.

00.51: There is currently a recount for Aldecar and Waingroves.

01.04: Due to there being just one vote between Chris Emmas-Williams for Labour and Robert Andrew Paul Phillips- Forsyth for Conservative, there is a recount for Codnor and Waingroves Ward.

01.08: Ripley

Turnout: 31.5%

David Bowley - Conservatives: 1,259 (elected)

Christopher Digby Bown - Lib Dem: 200

Charles Cutting - Labour: 646

(15 rejected)

Cllr Bowley says: "I am feeling pretty good, we've been working hard for the last couple of years. It's our second term in office. I live in the ward so it's my ward, and so I look at is as; If there's a problem, it's my problem."

Shipley Park, Shipley and Horsley Woodhouse

Turnout: 40%

Eric Lancashire - Labour: 636

Nigel John Mills - Conservatives: 1,188 (elected)

(14 rejected)


Turnout: 30.1%

Sally West - Conservatives: 388

John Dudley - BNP: 309

John McCabe - Labour: 660 (elected)

(2 rejected)

Cllr McCabe says: "I am very excited and would like to thank all the people of Somercotes, and everyone who helped, especally Paul Smith and Brian Little. The results reflect a lot of hard work in Somercotes."

Heage and Ambergate

Turnout: 37%

Juliette Nicola Blake - Conservative: 1,000 (elected)

Peter Charles Arnold - Labour: 463

(16 rejected)

Cllr Blake says: "I'd like to thank the electorate from the bottom of my heart. I won't let them down. I'm going to continue to work hard for them. I will continue to try to work in their best interests.

"Lots of people in the ward have told me that they're voting for me as a person, even though they wouldn't normally vote conservative and that is very rewarding."

01.19: There is now a third recount for Aldecar and Waingrove, due to there still being a one vote difference between two candidates.

01.40: Codnor and Waingroves

Turnout: 34%

Chris Emmas-Williams- Labour: 573 (elected)

Robert Andrew Paul Phillips-Forsyth - Conservatives: 572

Alan William Warner - BNP: 228

(3 rejected)

Belper Central

Turnout: 35%

Ben Hobbs - Labour: 286

John Nelson - Conservatives: 894 (elected)

Dave Wells - Green: 292

(4 rejected)

Heanor East

Turnout: 33%

Kenneth Thomas Armstrong - Labour: 454

Linda Edwards-Millsom - Conservatives: 482

Cliff Roper- BNP: 537 (elected)

(7 rejected)

Cllr Roper says: "First of all i'd like to thank everyone who has voted for me. I'd put the success down to local dissatisfaction to what Labour are doing in Heanor.

"People feel the the Labour and Conservative parties are out of touch. We've got to try and stop our services from being shut down. Heanor has lost two post offices, a sorting office, and an accident and emergency facility in the past few years."

Belper North

Turnout: 38%

Ben Rupert Edward Bellamy - Labour: 286

Alan Garthwaite Cox - Conservatives: 797 (elected)

Colin Grimley - Green: 202

Richard Alan Salmon - Lib Dem: 279

(2 rejected)

Cllr Cox says: "I'm so pleased that all the hard work was worthwhile. The results reflect very well on the conservatives on a local and a national level."

Kilburn, Denby and Holbrook

Turnout: 35%

John Phillip Banks - Lib Dem: 277

Timothy Gerard Benson - Labour: 441

Norman Bull - Conservatives: 1,199 (elected)

Cyril Victor Smith - BNP: 254

(2 rejected)

Langley Mill and Aldecar

Turnout: 23%

Keith Charles Falconbridge - Lib Dem: 123

Eileen Hamilton - Labour: 408

Terry Thorpe - Conservatives: 423 (elected)

(6 rejected)


Marlene Bennett - Labour: 872 (elected)

David Cantrill - Conservative: 731

Paul Gibbons - Lib Dem: 206

(13 rejected)

Heanor and Loscoe

Alan Longdon - Labour: 513 (elected)

Paul William Snell - BNP: 512

Jade Mary-Ann Wiltshire - Conservatives: 417

(3 rejected)

Cllr Longdon said: "I'm incredibly relieved to have won in such a close vote. It was nice to retain the seat which I won in a by-election two years ago."

"I think we need to continue to work hard for the peoiple of Loscoe. I'm going to work at the grassroots level of the council to get things done."

Heanor West


Lewis Richard Allesbrook - BNP: 727 (elected)

Celia Mary Cox - Labour: 560

Steven Grainger - Conservatives: 412

Sally Ann Macintosh - Lib Dem: 137

Cllr Allsebrook, 24, said: "I'd like to thank everybody who voted for me in Heanor. Hopefully we will now see some positive change in the town.

"People are disatisfied with Labour and the Conservatives and they want the change that hopefully we can offer.

"I will put my whole focus into doing the job in hand."

Karen Allsebrook, Lewis' Mum, said: "I'm very proud of him. He's not always been political but there is not a lot of focus on young people at the moment.

"He wants to make a stand for young people in the country.

"He's been the party organiser for the borough and he's worked very hard on his campaign, putting it all together in four weeks and helping to get two councillors elected.

"If he can do that in four weeks then I'd say everybody needs to watch out."

(1 rejected)

Labour Group leader Bob Moon said: "We're bitterley disappointed. Heanor has lost two excellent councillors for reasons that I can't understand.

"Celia Cox and Ken Armstrong are two of the finest councillors Heanor has had in it's history and why people don't recognise that I don't understand.

"I think this is a result of national issues rather than local. There is a lot of dissatisfaction with Labour nationally and local people have taken that out on councillors who have served them loyally, efficiently and with a great deal of hard work for many years. It's a tragedy."

Ironville and Riddings

Turnout: 33.68%

Jack Watson Brown - Conservatives: 900 (elected)

Robert William Johnston - Labour: 636

(11 rejected)

Parish of Belper North

Ben Rupert Edward Bellamy - Labour: 308

Nick Mothershaw - Conservatives: 753 (elected)

Richard Alan Salmon - Lib Dem: 322

Jon Smith - Monster Raving Looney Party: 170