Stranded cyclist rescued by Good Samaritans in torrential storm

Pictured is the remote Burbage Valley during kinder weather.
Pictured is the remote Burbage Valley during kinder weather.

A cyclist who came off his bike during strong winds, heavy, driving rain and gravel strewn roads in the Peak District was rescued by two Good Samaritans.

The 45-year-old cyclist suffered two punctures and lost control and was forced off his bike and stranded at the remote, exposed Burbage Bridge, above Hope Valley, in Derbyshire, about 9am, on Saturday, February 15.

He said: “I was miles from anywhere with driving rain and freezing conditions and had already suffered punctures because the roads were strewn with sharp gravel and wood and I had used up my spare inner tubes.

“I was facing a long hike home in cycling shoes with cleats.

“This couple was so friendly and kind and I was so grateful to them for helping me. It has restored my faith in mankind. They were my Good Samaritans.”

The couple, who gave their names as Brian an Andrea, from Chinley, had just finished walking their dog Charlie when they came across the cyclist and without hesitation offered to help.

The cyclist, who was not injured during the incident, and his dismantled bike were tightly packed into the back of the Good Samaritans’ car and he was driven safely back to his home in Sheffield.