Woods project stars on TV

A project to use shire horses to clear logs felled as part of the £30 million works to replace the Ambergate Reservoir featured on BBC One’s Countryfile on Sunday.

Presenter Adam Henson visited the site to discuss the ongoing work to protect Severn Trent’s water supplies to the East Midlands for future generations. As part of the works there, logs felled to make way for the new reservoir are being dragged to Amber gate woods to make ‘insect hotels’ for bugs to thrive in.

But as tractors would damage the ancient woodland - designated as an area of special scientific interest by Natural England - shire horses have been drafted in to do the heavy work.

Severn Trent’s project manager was quizzed on the project as part of the show. He said: “We’ve already carried out extensive surveys to make sure that the construction of the new reservoirs will have a lasting positive effect. This programme demonstrates how ideas guided by thorough research can be turned into reality.”

The hard working shire horses are bred at Alderwasley farm Arraslea Shires. For more information about the works to build insect hotels head to arrasleashires.co.uk.