Environmentalist heads to Denmark

A FORMER Belper teacher who has made a bid to transform Belper into an eco-town has travelled to Copenhagen to meet climate change protesters from around the world.

Marion McCartney, pictured, who taught at Belper School for 30 years, has travelled to the Danish capital in a bid to encourage more people to take action on climate change.

Before she went, Ms McCartney, 58, said: "We need to encourage the world leaders to make the best possible choices for the future of the earth.

"A lot of people seem to block off their feelings about the future. It's so much easier to not talk about it but that attitude will harm us and the earth. The human race is wonderfully flexible and I think that is our great hope."

Leaders from countries around the world met at the on-going conference to hold crisis talks over what could be done to reduce the problems caused by global warming.

They are hoping to reach a new international deal to cut emmisions of greenhouse gases from cars, homes, and industry.

Ms McCartney, from Whatstandwell, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease, said she planned to take part in a number of protest marches and vigils while she was in Copenhagen.

She said: "It's quite a challenge to go on my own because of the Parkinson's disease, but I feel that if I didn't go I would be limiting myself. It's going to be an adventure and an experience."

Talks at the summit were suspended over the weekend because of violent protests, but resumed on Monday.

Ms McCartney has been gathering support to turn Belper into a transition town since earlier this year.

The move involves people in the town adapting their homes in such a way as to respond to changes in the climate.

A group meets to discuss the matter on the first Thursday of every month at the Strutts Centre, on Derby Road.