Euro MP defends right for countries to make own policies

East Midlands Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin has defended the rights of countries to decide their own policies when she spoke on education and culture in the European Parliament,

Emma, whose area includes the towns Ripley, Belper and Heanor, was speaking after the EU indicated that it wants to create European Union Cultural Attaches in each Member State. This would be a huge waste of time and money at a time when most Member States are implementing savings to their budgets, she claims.

Speaking afterwards, she said: “Education is the remit of national governments of Member States, not the EU, and it should be up to the individual Member States to set their own policies in this area.

“Dictating EU-wide educational targets and social policy is far beyond the remit of the EU, and is an unwelcome intrusion on the individual policies of Member States.

“I am a great believer in the power of culture to ensure mutual understanding, spur innovation and economic growth. We have a wealth of culture and creativity in Europe which needs to be fostered and developed, but setting policy and targets at an EU level is not the way to do it.”