Eyesore clean-up is inspired by town’s bloom success

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The owner of a Belper pub has promised to carry out improvement works on an eyesore patch of land after residents demanded action.

The land to the rear of the Queen’s Head pub on Chesterfield Road had become a “dumping ground” according to locals, with fly-tipping regularly ditched there and a high wall supported by “rusty stanchions”.

Inspired by Belper’s Britain in Bloom bid and the work going on locally to improve the town, members of the Swinney Lane Action Group got in touch with owner and former landlord Mike Beavis.

And following an on-site meeting he has promised to address the situation by installing new fencing and a wall.

“I use the pub and I always enter via the front door,” Mr Beavis said.

“You don’t notice it’s as bad as it is until someone points it out to you. It’s something that hadn’t occurred to me and we are more than happy to put it right. It is unsightly for people who have to walk past it every day.

“I have booked a fencing contractor in for the middle of next week.”

Spokesperson for the action group, Dave Orford, had contacted Amber Valley Borough Council and Belper Town Council about the situation.

“It has become a blot on the landscape and did not fit in with with the Belper in Bloom success organised by the town council,” he said.

“We came together when unwanted material from the Queen’s Head was dumped on an area which has become an eyesore to the local community.

“One of the points mentioned was the unsafe high wall, supported by rusty stanchions and rusty timber. To my knowledge that has been there for at least 30 years.

“The danger to private property sign, we were told, would only be effective if the public is excluded by a fence.”

Following the meeting however, the group were pleased with the action that Mr Beavis had promised to take.

Mr Orford continued: “Mr Beavis agreed to put up the high fence and as the low wall in front of the site had been vandalised, he proposed to lower that wall by one level of the large blocks of stone and use that material to repair said wall.

“This indicated he meant business and when Swinney Lane residents arrived he statedthat: ‘things would be put right by the middle of October’.”