Firemen visit kids

A youngster has a go on the hose.
A youngster has a go on the hose.

EXCITED youngsters from a day nursery in Belper have enjoyed a visit from some local firefighters.

The children from Alton Manor nursery, which is on Gregorys Way, explored a fire engine, tried on helmets, a uniform and oxygen masks, and also squirted water from a hose.

Firefighters from Belper Fire Station were paying a visit as part of a project the children were doing about the emergency services.

Vicky Stone, acting deputy manager at the nursery, said: “They absolutely loved it, especially getting wet.

“My niece was there and the visit was all she talked about all night. And the boys loved putting the helmets on.

“But I don’t know how they held the hose because it was very heavy!”

The children also listened to a safety talk.

As a thank you, Becky Parker, who works at the nursery, made a fire engine cake for the firemen.

Kirstie Rock, nursery manager, said: “It was a thank you for allowing the children to have such an amazing time.”