Firm’s app goes live on global Apple store

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A Belper firm is making a name for itself on the world computing stage after one of its creations was accepted for sale on the Apple app store.

Forty five Degrees Design and Print has been developing its Quick Quote application for the last year from its base in Bridge Street.

Founder Dean Bradshaw came up with the idea after searching unsuccessfully for an app he could use to offer clients an instant quote.

He said: “The process of building the app took just under a year with all the testing and bug fixing, we had a few problems along the way, but these were soon overcome by tweaking the design and retesting.

“Submitting the app was a bit of a challenge having not done it before, this opened my eyes to just how difficult it is to get software released. After having the app rejected several times it was finally accepted on April 2, 2014, and was live on the app store, and we had our first sale within 24 hours!”

The application is Mr Bradshaw’s first to be accepted by computing giants Apple.

He set-up Forty five Degrees five years ago after leaving a Derby printers to become self-employed. After working from his back room for six months and making a year’s wages he decided to use the money to open a shop on Bridge Street and now has two employees.

The business specialises in magazine design work, creating adverts and magazines all over the UK, as well as four titles in Vancouver, Canada, and it was this work that inspired Mark to develop the app.

He continued: “I wanted to put together a quote for a finished product using different elements and services. For me this is design, paper and printing, but for others this might be planning, bricks and labour. There was nothing online or in the App store that did what I wanted, so I made Quick Quote. The app is suitable for all businesses that sell bespoke products and or services.

“The layout and style had to be simple to use, easy and logical, much like an iPad or iPhone is to start with. It had to be quick to generate the quote, as the quicker you get your quote to a customer the more chance you have of winning the job, and it had to work for all kinds of business sectors. The way you set the app up, and the way it generates the quote, is logical, you just add in your cost prices for each product or service, then you can add an overall profit margin to the job, so you know that you are covering all your costs and generating a set margin on all your jobs.”

The app is available for iPad, iPod and iPhone on the App store for £6.99 from