First aiders can be difference between life and death

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Belper employers are being urged to make sure their first aid training is up to date in the lead up to the summer holiday season.

St John Ambulance said businesses can unwittingly be left without sufficiently trained first aiders and fire marshals in the event of an emergency.

Latest figures show one Derbyshire worker died and 1,395 workers suffered injuries, which required at least three days off work during 2011-2012.

John Cavanagh, of St John’s Training Division, said: “More staff are away in summer than any other time of the year, but unfortunately accidents don’t take holidays. Employers can unwittingly overlook the fact that their first aiders could be absent when a serious accident happens. This can especially be the case in small businesses with very few employees, where there may be only one first aider.’

“As an organisation we would advise every businesses to carry out a risk assessment based on their needs, including things such as first aider absence, the injuries that are most likely in workplace and cover for shift work.As well as a legal obligation, employers will also want to make sure that if something happens to one of their team that someone is there who knows what to do.

“A trained first aider can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved – sadly up to 140,000 people a year die in situations where first aid could have given them a chance to live. We don’t want that to happen at any businesses in Derbyshire this summer.”Contact St John’s Ambulance on 0844 324 5535 or book online at