Foul smell making homes ‘uninhabitable’ and damaging businesses in a Derbyshire village

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Crich residents are kicking up a stink about sewage smells which have made some homes ‘uninhabitable’.

Residents and businesses particularly on Bowns Hill have been experiencing foul ‘sewage smells’ in and around their premises since April.

The stench is being blamed on sewage which they claim is being pumped from a new Harron Homes building development on Roes Lane.

Resident Hazel Fletcher said: “Acrid sewage fumes entered my home making most of my living areas uninhabitable and whilst the smells throughout my home have reduced due to some work undertaken by Severn Trent, the smells still remain unresolved in and around my home.

“The hot weather has exacerbated the problem making it impossible to leave windows open or sit in my garden.

“This problem started when families started to take up residence in the new homes on a Harron Homes building development on Roes Lane, Crich.

“The smells are always worse at peak times and as more and more residents take up occupancy the situation is only going to get worse.”

Rachel Palin landlady at The Old Black Swan pub on Bowns Hill added: “We have had complaints outside from customers about smells we have had to deal with which are coming from another source .

“We contacted Severn Trent Water who have been on our side and supporting us in getting Heron Homes to do something to alleviate it.

“The hot weather will ramp up next week. We don’t want to be known as the smelly pub of Crich when it is nothing to do with us.”

A spokesman for Harron Homes said: “Further to investigations undertaken back in April we can confirm that we are not experiencing any issues with regards to the foul water system at our development in Crich. At the time, we advised anyone with a concern to contact Severn Trent and we will also do so directly following this renewed request.”

A Severn Trent spokesman added: “Our engineers have been out to investigate reports of an unpleasant smell in the Crich area on a number of occasions, over the past few months.

“To rule out any issues on our network, we’ve carried out repairs on our pipes and cleaned the local system.

“Despite making every effort to remove the smell, we understand this remains an issue for local residents, suggesting the source is elsewhere.

“We’ll continue to carry out further investigations and work closely with the housing development to understand whether their site has had any impact on the wider area, offering our help and support.”