FULL RESULTS: Lots to see and enjoy at Turnditch Show

Tuenditch and Windley show. Cake judges Gail and Winifred Smith.
Tuenditch and Windley show. Cake judges Gail and Winifred Smith.
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More than 2,000 people turned-out for the annual Turnditch & Windley Show at the weekend, which this year was held on a new site.

Villagers and families came along in their droves with numbers being increased by a large contingent of contestants entering qualifiers for the national Horse of the Year Show.

A falconry display, horse and carriage driving, shire horse parade, dog and duck display, Ashbourne Town Band, DNS beagles, a vintage tractor competition and display, pet show, WI crafts, hog roast barbecue, Shottle Brewery bar, trade stands, sideshows and tombola and activities for children were among the attractions.

This year the event moved half a mile down the road to Windley Meadows Farm after its previous home was ploughed-up by the landowner.

Chairman of the show, Les Blanchon, said: “I was delighted with the new site - everything went better than ever. Everything was very convenient and lots of people came out to support us.

“We had a fantastic turnout of horses because of the event being a qualifier this year.

“The weather was dull but it didn’t seem to affect people coming along.

“The standard of homecrafts entry was also very high - but then it always is in Turnditch.”

The Horse of the Year Show is being held in Birmingham next month and attracts hundreds of entries from across the UK.

Around 60 shows have been held in and around Windley over the years, with the event starting post-war.

It started as a garden party organised by the women’s institute at Lady Inglefield’s house.



Turnditch and Windley Show Medal for most points: Molly Bullock

1 Clay caterpillars: Harry Wood, Ava Taylor-Crockford, Ellie Wooley

2 Moon buggies: Martha Dilks, Jessica Mauro, Raya Davis

3 African masks: Emily Leivers, George Cotterill, Archie Needham

4 Pop art: Molly Bullock, Howard Bardens, Amelia Gadsby

5 Hand print butterflies: Autumn Farr, McKinley Cotton, Charlie Whitworth

6 Flower painting: OliHamish Doherty, Peter Hardy, Raya Davis

7 Animal poetry: Seren Davis, Emily Leivers, Evelyn Edmunds

8 African animal sketch: Alfie Ashton, Frances Bowler, Daniel Boyes

9 Letters/Bible stories: Riley Cotterill, Saffron Gill, Natalie Cooper

10 Henry Moore drawing: Hugo Allen, Natalie Cooper, Saffron Gill

11 Rainforest creature: Mollie Bullock, Oliver Walker, Howard Barden

12 Miniature garden: Charlie White, Max Tomlinson, Lotte Brown

13 Decorated biscuits: Lily Tomlinson, Seren Davis, Max Bolsover

13 Unshown work: Martin Spendlove, Lauren Cooper

14 Produce in a shoebox: Thomas Webster, Max Bolsover, Ollie White


16-19: Emma Davidson and Mary Barber PC Trophy: Gillian Trelfa

16 World War 1: Gillian Trelfa, Maggie Lowson, Alison Roome

18 Seasonal basket: Gillian Trelfa, Josephine Lowe, Maggie Lowson

19 Miniature Arrangement: Kate Sutton, Maggie Lowson, Alison Roome


20-21: G.W.Blanchon PC Cup: Geoff Capener

22-33 Inglis PC Vase for best exhibit: Doreen Brown

20 3 Pompom dahlias: Geoff Capener, Anthony Roome, Jayne Weston

21 3 Dahlias any other variety: Geoff Capener, Jayne Weston, Anthony Roome

22 3 Gladioli: Jayne Weston

23 3 Different flowers: Jayne Weston, Lesley Wall, Geoff Capener

25 1 Specimen rose: Geoff Capener, Jayne Weston, Maggie Lowson

26 Any other flower: Jean Harrison, Keith Thomas, Caroline Cullingham

27 Cottage garden flowers: Ann Charles, Caroline Cullingham, Sam Reid

28 Sweet peas: Alan Childs, Jayne Weston, Geoff Capener

29 Vase of yellow: Josephine Lowe, Lesley Wall, Ann Charles

30 A sunflower head: Ollie White, Jean Harrison, Ann Charles

31 Pot plant in flower: Jean Bradshaw, Jayne Weston, Jean Harrison

32 Foliage pot plant: Doreen Brown, Jayne Weston, Pat Finney

33 1 Fuchsia: Tony Snaith, Jean Bradshaw ,Julie Potton


34-38; Captain Lees Salver: Anthony Roome

34 6 damsons: Les Brown, David Chiltern, Barry Sutton

35 4 plums: Anthony Roome, Rita Faulkner, Glen Wall

36 3 cooking apples: Anthony Roome, Eric Massey, Les Brown

37 3 dessert apples: Christine Jones, Andrew Burton, James Cullingham

38 Any other fruit: James Cullingham, Pam Yates


39-42 and 44-48 Silver PC Cup for best exhibit: Geoff Capener

43; Arthur Slater Cup: Alan Childs

39 6 runner beans: Bill Jones, Geoff Capener, Bill Hurlstone

40 5 tomatoes: Geoff Capener, Les Brown, Paul Waterfall

41 3 round beetroot: Kevin Woodward, Eric Massey, Anthony Roome

42 3 Flat onions: Bill Hurlstone, Christine Jones

43 3 round onions: Alan Childs, Glen Wall, Eric Massey

44 3 potatoes: Geoff Capener, Eric Massey, Bill Hurlstone

45 1 marrow: Paul Waterfall, Audrey Beale, Bill Hurlstone

46 longest runner bean: Bill Jones, Bill Hurlstone, Les Brown

47 any other variety: Alistair Fraser-Moodie, Eric Massey, James Cullingham

48 1 flower and 1 vegetable: Geoff Capener, Robin Lowe, Glen Wall


Barber PC Cup for best exhibit: Phil Hall

49 3 bantam any colour: Sally Wallwin, Paul Thorpe, Lesley Wall

50 3 hen brown: Phil Hall, Jim Smith, Alistair Tipping

51 3 hen tinted: Paul Thorpe, Rita Faulkner ,Kevin Woodward

52 3 hen other colour: Helen Leslie, Lucy Weston, Thomas Weston

53 any other egg: Phil Hall

54 broken bantam egg: Paul Thorpe, Lucy Weston, Sally Wallwin

55 broken hen egg: Helen Leslie, Jim Smith, Barry Sutton


56-72;Lady Inglefield Cup for T and W WI member with most points: Sally Wood

56-72;Open Show Cup: Joyce Weston

56 Wilkins PC Cup: Pam Yates

56 Cheesecake: Pam Yates, Kathryn Batley, Joyce Weston

57 Bakewell tart: Joyce Weston, Kathryn Batley, Pam Yates

58 5 shortbreads: Joyce Weston, Grace Leslie ,Ruth Hurlstone

59 5 meringues: Ruth Hurlstone ,Sally Wood, Pam Yates

60 5 cheese straws: Pam Yates, Joyce Weston, Ruth Hurlstone

61 5 fruit scones: Rita Faulkner, Doreen Brown, Nicky Tatham

62 Pate :Pam Yates, Ruth Hurlstone, Joyce Weston

63 Rubbed in fruit cake: Josephine Lowe, Sally Wallwin, Sue Smedley

64 A loaf of bread: David Chiltern, Martin Booth, Geoff Halls

65 Carrot cake: Zoe Boyes, Joyce Weston, Carrie Lambert

66 Victoria sandwich cake: Jean Bradshaw, Lindy Thorpe, Charlotte Matkin

66A Victoria sandwich cake (under 16s): Grace Leslie, Daisy Wilson, Ollie White

67 3 mini quiches (men only): Thomas Lumbard, Simon Dalton, Jordan Hemsil


68 fruit jelly Audrey Beale Doreen Brown Josephine Lowe

69 raspberry jam Pam Yates Joyce Weston Ruth Hurlstone

70 lemon curd Sam Reid Joyce Weston Joanne Aiken

71 marmalade Keith Thomas William Hibbert David Monteith

72 chutney Sally Wood Ruth Hurlstone Pam Yates


73-77 Sew n Crafts PC Cup for best exhibit Marion Birch

73 Cushion Marion Birch Pam Yates Jill London

74 embroidery Tess Kinder Pam Yates

75 thank you card Pauline Cresswell-Harris Janice Spencer Jane Lumbard

76 favourite handicraft Sally Wallwin Pam Yates Seren Davis

77 knitted toy Beryl Finney Audrey Beale Janice Spencer


78-81;T,W + CL Fellowship PC Art Award for best exhibit: Emma Tomlinson

78 painting in any medium: O.Flint, G.Knox, Janice Spencer

79 piece of digital artwork: Keith Thomas, Jean Harrison, Jill London

80 artwork in another medium: Emma Tomlinson, Frankie Monteith, Lauren Cooper

81 logo for 2015: Lauren Cooper, Jean Harrison, Seren Davis


82-89;R.O.Davis PC Cup for best exhibit: Helen Brassington

82 Stormy skies: Carol James, Keith Thomas, Jack Sutton

83 Hedgerow landscape: Keith Thomas, Christine Sutton, Helen Brassington

84 Woodland: Helen Brassington, Julie Potton, Keith Thomas

85 At Turnditch and Windley Show: Keith Thomas, Seren Davis, Jean Harrison

86 Bird life: Helen Brassington, Keith Thomas, Christine Sutton

87 Reflections: Helen Brassington, Tess Kinder, Judith Thomas

88 Derbyshire landmark: Lesley Wall, Carol James, Keith Thomas

89 Sport in action: Jean Harrison, John Chadwick, ChristineSutton


90-95; The Woodward PC Cup for best exhibit: Alistair Tipping

90 Barley sample: Alistair Tipping, John Heath, Richard Heath

91 Wheat sample: Alistair Tipping, Eric Allen ,John Heath

92 6 heads of barley: Alistair Tipping, Zachary Bryer, Richard Heath

93 6 heads of wheat: Eric Allen, Richard Heath, Alistair Tipping

94 wedge/bale of hay: Les Brown, John Heath, Richard Heath

95 wedge/bale of straw: Alistair Tipping, Charles Bryer, Richard Heath

SCARECOWS: Martin Spendlove, Raya Davis, Lesley Wall

16-33 + 73-89; WI Trophy for Turnditch and Windley member with most points: Jean Harrison

Winner of the Dog Show: Bill West


Overall winner: Geoff Capener

Large garden The Parish Council Perpetual Challenge Cup

1 Mr. and Mrs. Allen 90 points

2 Mr. and Mrs. Taylor 80 points

3 Mr. and Mrs. Roome 75 points

Small garden The Scholes Perpetual Challenge Shield

1 Mrs.Cresswell-Harris 90 points

2 Mrs. Trelfa 85 points

3 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis 80 points