Funding for roads damaged by harsh weather is agreed

Councillors have approved spending more than £30,000 on fixing-up Belper’s weather-damaged roads.

Last week the Belper News told how the repairs were being considered by Derbyshire County Council’s cabinet as part of a £4million plan.

Other areas to benefit include Heage, Denby, Horsley and Smalley.

Councillor Dean Collins, Deputy Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport said: “Last year was an unusually wet summer which was followed by periods of snow and frost which led to severe damage being caused to many roads and pavements.

“We are working hard to provide an efficient transport network and this work will help us to achieve that by carrying out improvements where it is most needed.”

Local county councillors were consulted to find out which roads were of the most concern to their residents.

Each road recommended was inspected and assessed by the county council to make sure it met the criteria for the grant.

Improvements cosing £31,000, which will range from repairing potholes to major resurfacing, will be carried out at Whitemoor Lane, John O’Gaunts Way and the A609 Spencer Road.

Other upgrades include Over Lane and Boothgate in Heage; Horsley Road in Kilburn; Breach Road in Denby; Church Street, Lady Lea Road and Smalley Mill Road in Horsley; Milford Road and the A6 at Flaxholme in Duffield; the A517 through Turnditch and Bakers Hill in Heage.

The county council’s Cabinet agreed to the programme of works at a meeting on Tuesday, July 30.

The funding has been granted by the Government and £2.625 million will be spent on work up to March 2014. The rest will be spent on work completed in 2014/15.