Garden day to help Grenadier Guards

A retired Grenadier Guard is set to open his ‘hidden gem’ of a garden to the public to raise cash for injured soldiers 
returning from Afghanistan.

David Beresford, of 58 Heanor Road, has had a passion for gardening since retiring from the Armed Forces in 2004.

David and his wife Ruth have devoted themselves to gardening and now plan to open their “hidden gem” on Sunday, June 16, from 1pm to 5pm to raise money for the Grenadier Guards.

Admission is £2.50 and cream teas, home-made cakes and plants will be on sale.

David also plans to take part in a 300-mile sponsored bike ride for the regimental charity the Colonel’s Fund, from Wellington Barracks to Waterloo in Belgium in September. Each rider is expected to raise £1,700. To sponsor David go to

David, 56, said: “We have had three tours of duty in Afghanistan and 15 soldiers have been killed. On the last tour five men were killed. There was also 44 serious casualties of whom 11 were amputees.

“There’s a saying we have, ‘once a grenadier always a grenadier.’ That’s the regimental motto. We are a family regiment and Derbyshire is a strong recruiting area. If someone falls on hard times - regardless of the circurmstances - they can approach the regiment for help.”

A career soldier, David joined Oswestry Junior Leaders Battalion at the age of 15, before signing up with the 2nd Battalion of the Grenadier Guards in 1974. He rose through the ranks to become regimental sergeant major of the 1st Battalion Guards in 1992 and two years later was commissioned to become an officer, going on to hold the rank of major quartermaster.

His long and varied career has seen him serve in Hong Kong, Germany, Cypress and Northern Ireland, instructing raw recruits in Purbright and Sandhurst and as a UN observer in Georgia in 2000.