Gardeners could win vouchers as part of a compost campaign

Green fingered Dales residents could be in with a chance of winning £25 of gardening vouchers.

Derbyshire County Council making the offer as part of National Composting Week, which runs from May 6 to 12 .

The vouchers can be won by answering three simple questions about composting.

Top tips for successful composting are as follows -

What can go in your compost (remember you’ll need a good 50/50 mix of green and brown materials):


• Tea bags

• Grass cuttings

• Vegetable peelings

• Old flowers/nettles

• Coffee grounds and filter papers


• Egg shells

• Egg and cereal boxes

• Corrugated cardboards and paper

• Toilet rolls and kitchen roll tubes

• Straw and hay

• Twigs and hedge clippings

• Tissues, paper towels and napkins

• Ashes from wood, paper and lumpwood charcoal

• Sawdust

What can’t go in your compost:

• Cooked vegetables

• Meat

• Dairy products

• Diseased plants

• Dog mess, cat litter or baby’s nappies

The competition closes on June 29 and details on how to enter are available by visiting