GENERAL ELECTION 2017: ‘Brexit will be difficult with a hung parliament’, says re-elected Mid Derbyshire MP Latham

Conservative MP for Mid Derbyshire  Pauline Latham
Conservative MP for Mid Derbyshire Pauline Latham

The Tories have retained the Mid Derbyshire seat with Pauline Latham comfortably maintaining a majority over Labour.

Her constituency was the penultimate in Derbyshire to announce its result on a night of high drama as the Conservatives failed to win an overall majority.

Mrs Latham received 29,513 votes leaving Labour’s Alison Martin trailing behind on 17,987.

Speaking after the result was declared, the Conservative MP hinted that it could be difficult for Prime Minister Theresa May to push ahead with Brexit.

She said: “It was a good result for me but it has not been such a good day for the party,” she said. “Brexit will be difficult with a hung parliament and we are in unprecedented territory. We may have to go back to the country this year.

“It has been a very strange time in politics – no-one ever thought Jeremy Corbyn would become Labour leader, that Brexit would happen or that Donald Trump would become US president but these things have happened.”

And with the Tories unable to secure a majority, Mrs Latham said her party would need to have a look at its campaign and evaluate what has happened.

She added: “Mistakes can be made and we need to look closely at the situation.”

Adam Wain for the Liberal Democrats polled 1,793 votes and the Green Party’s Sue MacFarlane received 1,168.

In total 50,461 votes were cast and the turnout was 75 per cent.