George is ‘sole man’

A COBBLER from Belper has been crowned the UK Shoe Repairer of the Year 2011 — despite being out of the trade for 15 years.

George Walker, who only returned to shoe repairing four months ago, was crowned champion cobbler at a ceremony in Northampton.

The 55-year-old works at KR and K.Webb Shoe Repairs, on Campbell Street, Belper.

Kevin Webb, who runs the business, said: “He has not lost it despite not picking up a pair of shoes in 15 years. He is brilliant.

“It is a mega title. People will be coming from towns all over to have George repair their shoes.”

George was the owner of the business until he fancied a change of trade all those years ago. Kevin, his former apprentice, took over the business before welcoming him back a few months ago.