Ghosthunters to probe Strutts sightings

Strutts Community Centre
Strutts Community Centre
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Ghosthunters are set to hold a night time vigil at Belper’s Strutts Centre after a surge in paranormal activity there.

Some of the building’s trustees even refuse to hold meeting in one of the rooms – number 56 – because they are too disturbed by the eerie atmosphere.

Now, the Seeking Spirits Paranormal group are visiting the centre to see if they can find any evidence of the phenomena.

The South Yorkshire based investigation team, who formed in 2007 have carried out hunts across the length and breadth of the country.

Their mission is to find spirit encounters at each of our vigils and to prove there really is spiritual activity using professional equipment and supervised by experienced paranormal investigators every step of the way.

However, they are not the first ghostly group to investigate the centre. It has previously been visited by a clairvoyant, who reported a stern woman in her fifties, a tall man, and a seven-year-old girl called Clara.

It is thought the woman could be the ghost of former headteacher Alice Black.

Thousands of schoolchildren have passed through the doors of the former Herbert Strutt School since it opened in 1909 opposite the town’s workhouse, Babington House.

In 1907 Herbert Strutt completed a long debate with the education authorities and was able to fund an elementary school for the children of Belper and its surrounding Derbyshire villages.

The school was opened on May 7, 1909 by the Duke of Devonshire.

The project cost Strutt £20,000 and included large playing fields and stained glass in the library showing the Strutt coat of arms.

It later became a primary school and was converted into a community centre in 2007 when the school re-located to more modern premises.

The ghosthunt takes place on Saturday October 13 from 8pm until 2am and free refreshments are included.

Tickets are £30 and the event is suitable for over 18’s.