Giant ice ball falls on to couple’s home

A giant chunk of ice - which is thought to have fallen from a plane - smashed into the home of a Duffield couple as they slept.

John and Marilyn 
Parker awoke to a noise “like an 
explosion” when an icy boulder hit a canopy roof at the front of their house.

Now, the pair, who live on Derby Road, have asked the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)to investigate the incident.

Officials say the damage could have been caused by an aircraft flying to Manchester Airport.

Mr Parker, aged 66, said: “We had gone to bed when at about 1.05am there was a horrendous noise - my first thought was that there had been car crash 
outside the house.

“We ran downstairs and there was ice everywhere and a big hole in the roof about the size of two laptop computers.

“It looked like there were lots of snowballs on the drive. It was completely covered.

“It was really densely packed ice. I collected some of it and put it in my freezer because I thought the insurance 
company would never believe it.

“People say it could have hit us - but no-one was injured, the insurers paid up in 72 hours. the police were great and the CAA have been so helpful.”

Officials from the CAA are contacting airlines to see if they can determine how the incident, on February 25, was caused.

Mr Parker continued: “If it is not a European based airline they may not necessarily give out information.

“However, I have been in touch with East Midlands 
Airport and everything fits with the fact that that it could have been a plane travelling at 12,000 feet arriving in at Manchester Airport.

“However nothing has been confirmed yet.

“This sort of thing happens about 25 times a year in the UK and it could be down to 
anything from atmopherics to a plane dropping from 30,000 feet to 12,000 feet, and ice that had gathered underneath 
suddenly warming up and
 dropping off.”

Less than eight months ago a homeowner in Hulland Ward narrowly missed being hit by a block of ice that fell from the sky.

Paul Walker and his wife Dierdre were relaxing in their conservatory when the huge ice ball plummeted from the sky and punched a hole in the roof of their bungalow.

The ice block, which 
landed a few feet away from where they were sitting, was thought to have originated from a plane passing overhead but it was never officially concluded to be the case.

In November 2006, ice 
landed near a Chaddesden home in Derby and narrowly missed hitting a woman and her granddaughter.

And, in June 2008, a car was badly damaged when a block of ice fell in Derby.

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