Gig Review: The Nervous Trigger Men, Queens Head

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By Ed Sills

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s January. The post-festive malaise has set in, good willed resolutions are long forgotten and we’re back at work.

Fear not though, because it was our good fortune that on Saturday night Doncaster four piece The Nervous Trigger Men were playing and they were playing the blues.

There is versatility to the blues, an omneity, and that’s why sonically the blues are the direct ancestor to many of the genres we know and love today.

The Nervous Trigger Men, aware of this long heritage, pillaged the greats, playing classic songs by The Stones, Chuck Berry, Dylan, Hendrix, Cochran and T-Rex.

But whilst being respectful to the blues canon, they thankfully were not afraid to provide their own take on each song and give the audience something fresh.

Vocalist John McKevvit, known for his Jagger-esque style, was in fine voice here, particularly with his soulful interpretation of Bring It On Home or the foot stomping Little Red Rooster.

Life can be hard sometimes and in the best bluesman you can see that struggle on their face and you can hear the cold nights in their voice.

Accomplished slide guitarist Dave Stanton took over vocal duties on several songs and this freed up McKevitt to truly let rip on the harmonica.

I wasn’t enamoured with the vocals of Stanton on Paint it Black, but I have to admit I warmed to him after his heavier, bluesier rendition of Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone. So, all in all, a solid night of good music well played.

If the rest of this season of live music proves as strong as it was tonight then perhaps this winter will go a little faster for all of us.