Gig rocks in Belper

The Alternative at Gigit
The Alternative at Gigit

young, up-and-coming bands premiered their new songs on a tour organised by Fleet Arts in Belper.

The Turn it Up GiGit Tour featured bands from across Derbyshire, including Belper’s own Shot by Both Sides.

A nine-date tour schedule included a gig at the Strutts Centre, on Derby Road, Belper, where more than 100 spectators turned up.

Julian Butt, Fleet Arts’ Turn it Up music worker, who organised the GiGit tour, said: “The Belper leg of the Gigit tour was a great success.

“Four brand new bands from Belper took part for the first time, after workshops we ran at Belper School. They played alongside six other more experienced bands.

“But all the bands were really confident and gave enthusiastic performances which got a rapturous reception from the audience of more than 100 people.”