Girlfriend’s arm twisted so hard it broke

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An angry boyfriend has been jailed for 15 months after a court heard that he twisted a girl’s arm so much that he broke it.

James Jones’ victim is now 
unable to pick up anything 
bigger than a glass with her right hand - and is having to learn to write left-handed.

Derby Crown Court heard they began to argue when they went to the Spanker Inn, in Nether Heage, on August 15 last year. He drove off, knocking her over but then returned to collect her.

But they kept on arguing and Jones ordered her out of the car, said Mark Achurch, prosecuting. When she 
refused, Jones of Town Street, Holbrook, replied: “I’ll have to force you.”

Jones admitted causing grievous bodily harm to the woman.

Mr Achurch told the court: “From the driver’s seat, he grabbed her arm and twisted it back so much so she felt her arm snap with immense pain in pushing her out of the car.”

Jones then drove her to the Royal Derby Hospital and waited for her to be seen by medical staff.

“One purpose seemed to be so he could monitor what she was telling people,” Mr Achurch told the court.

Doctors found a spiral 
fracture in one of the bones in her right arm. That was her writing hand but she cannot use that and can only pick up objects as small as a drinking glass. She may need surgery to try and correct the problems.

Kevin Waddingham, 
mitigating for Jones, said: “He accepts he took hold of her arm, causing the injury. But it was not an injury he foresaw or wished for. He took her directly to hospital.

“She neither 
deserved the injury nor did the defendant want it to happen.”

Mr Waddingham described the woman as being “obsessed with the defendant” and told the judge: “Quite clearly it was not a controlling relationship.”

Judge John Burgess, who was shown CCTV from inside the pub and in the car park, said: “She was not walking away from the argument.”

Mr Waddingham said the woman told police she did not want to make a complaint against Jones. And at this she shouted from the court public gallery: “Because I loved him.”

She intervened again when Mr 
Waddingham said Jones had needed surgery for an 
accident in March of last year. “He was off his head when he crashed his motorbike,” she said before being told to leave the courtroom.

The judge said Jones had received suspended jail terms for headbutting a police officer and the assault of a former 

The judge told him: “It sounds as though this was a volatile relationship. 
“I don’t blame you entirely for that.” 
He also banned Jones from trying to contact the woman for three years.