Grab a copy of the News for more on our very own ‘Queen of Shops’

WHEN it comes to independent shops, there are few who know more than TV retail guru, Mary Portas.

The self-styled ‘Queen of Shops’ knows a thing or two about how to turn around a failing businesses.

So much so, she has even been advising the Government on how best to save our High Streets.

The retail royalty’s 28-point plan of action to help rescue small retailers has even helped spark traders in Matlock into action, who recently got together to form a group and plan the best way to maximise business in the town.

Yet while Mary is thinking on a national scale, closer to home, two Wirksworth women are taking on the mantle.

Anna Brown and Dina Holland have teamed up with a London-based friend to create and launch The Retail Inspector Programme in Derbyshire, an initiative designed to exclusively support independent retailers.

To find out more about the work the Wirksworth women are doing, grab a copy of this week’s Belper News, out Wednesday.