Handy van is here to help

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Derbyshire’s Handy Van Network is planning to expand to offer equipment that will help hundreds more vulnerable people to live safely and independently in their own homes.

The Derbyshire Handy Van Network is coordinated by Derbyshire County Council in partnership with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and local district and borough councils.

The service, run on a day-to-day basis by local agencies, is free and delivers practical support to older and vulnerable people in their own homes, helping them to stay independent and live safely.

Following a decision by Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet this week the Handy Van Network is planning to expand from this autumn to include Telecare services for one year.

To deal with the extra demand it will also increase the number of vans in its fleet from 11 to 12.

People who will be considered for Telecare services include people at risk of falling, people who have had a fall, people with certain medical conditions like epilepsy or diabetes and those who have recently left hospital.

Handy Van staff will receive extra training to help them assess who may be suitable to receive Telecare services.

Telecare consists of a range of equipment that can be installed in people’s homes to help keep them safe.

This will include installing sensors, pressure mats and a fall detector in people’s homes and providing them with an alarm pendant they can wear around their neck, wrist or waist to alert alarm call centre staff if they fall or need help.

The cost of adding Telecare services to the Handy Van Network will be £250,000 and an estimated 550 extra clients will be supported over the 12 months of the extended service.

To contact the Handy Van Network call 01773 604426.

The Handy Van Telecare Service will be officially launched in the autumn.