Have your say on the future shape of the Derwent Valley

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Derwent Valley Mills residents are being urged to have their say on how the World Heritage Site should be developed in the future.

The World Heritage Site Partnership has just completed a final draft of its Management Plan for the next five years. In this document the Partnership lays out its vision and aims.

The result of consultation with numerous individuals and organisations, it sets out a vision for thisinternationally significant place.

World Heritage Site Director, Mark Suggitt, said: “The more people who see and contribute to the plan the better it will be, so please look at it on the Derbyshire County Council website or through the link on www.derwentvalleymills.org”

The Derwent Valley Mills with the surrounding communities and landscape were designated as a WorldHeritage Site in 2001. The reason for this international recognition is that the valley saw the birth of the factory system, when new types of building were erected to house new technology for spinning cotton. The partnership involves companies, charities, local authorities and organisations working together to protect, enhance and promote the area