Heage mum backs safer towing plea

A WOMAN whose four-year-old son was killed by a runaway trailer in Heage is supporting a campaign for safer towing.

Zoe Martin’s little boy Finlay received multiple injuries when the trailer came off the back of a car on Old Road in Heage on July 19, 2007.

The pair were walking on the footpath and Zoe was also hit, suffering a fractured neck and spine and breaks to her left leg.

At the inquest into Finlay’s death it was revealed there had been various faults with the trailer, including ineffective brakes.

Now, Zoe is backing an initiative by the Highways Agency.

The agency is using some of its national network of electronic signs to get the ‘Take Extra Care When Towing’ message across.

An agency spokesman said anyone towing a caravan, trailer, horse box or boat should ensure it is maintained and checked.

Zoe said: “This needless tragedy was simply due to the fact the trailer was not in a safe and roadworthy condition. This was preventable.

“We have been campaigning for a law to be put in place for an MOT check to be conducted on all trailers on a yearly basis, just like any normal vehicle MOT. If not maintained, faults will occur. However whilst nothing is in place, we urge motorists who are taking trailers and caravans out for the first time this summer, please check the basics such as general condition, tyres, brakes and safety cables.

“If you have any concerns, I beg, please do not take them out onto our roads until the relevant repairs have been completed. Don’t think that something like this could never happen to you because it could. My family woke up on that morning as any other, but by 3pm our lives had changed, all because of a trailer that had not been maintained to a safe and roadworthy condition.”