Bid to recruit more health visitors

A RECRUITMENT day is to be held on Wednesday, November 9, by Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust as part of its commitment to increasing health visitor numbers in Derby.

The national recruitment campaign aims to increase Health Visitor numbers by 4200 by 2015. It is hoped this will be achieved through attracting nurses and midwives to undertake the training required to become a Health Visitor, and encouraging those whose qualifications have lapsed to return to practice and enrol in the return to practice courses which are taking place all over the country.

As part of this campaign, NHS Careers has produced a booklet which contains useful information and guidance for those considering returning to practice as a health visitor. The booklet features a case study of Carolyn Clarke, one of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s own Health Visitors who has recently completed the return to practice course and is now working in the local community.

Carolyn said: “It was really fulfilling to start visiting families again. The return to practice course was invaluable in making this happen. It was surprising how much health visiting had changed in the four years I was away. The course also really boosted my confidence by easing me gently back into the workforce.”

The event is aimed at anyone interested in becoming a Health Visitor and working for the Trust, including qualified nurses and midwives who wish to train as Health Visitors, those who want to return to practice as well as fully qualified Health Visitors who wish to further their career by joining Derbyshire Healthcare.

Those in attendance will also have the opportunity to learn more about the Trust and ask any questions they may have about health visiting and training. The event will run from 10.30am to 12.30pm at the Ashbourne Centre, Kingsway Site, Derby DE22 3LZ.