MEP backing antibiotic awareness event

GLENIS Willmott, MEP for the East Midlands, is supporting the EU-wide Antibiotic Awareness Day, which takes place on Friday the November 18, and will raise awareness about the need to use antibiotics more responsibly.

At the moment, twenty five thousand people across the EU are dying from infections which have become resistant to antibiotics, and this number is set to rise.

Mrs. Willmott said:“Hospitals around the region are fighting off superbugs such as MRSA on a daily basis.

“We almost take antibiotics for granted and often they will be the first thing we ask the doctor for when we feel ill, but we need to take a more responsible approach in the future.”

She is supporting an EU action plan, to tackle the problem of antimicrobial resistance. The plan aims to encourage doctors to only prescribe antibiotics when needed. This will hopefully raise awareness, so that patients take antibiotics properly. The hope is that it will also encourage drug companies to develop much-needed new antibiotics.

Mrs. Willmott went on to say: “We need to work together in the EU to combat the misuse of antibiotics and to encourage the pharmaceutical industry to develop new ones. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has made tackling antimicrobial resistance its priority for this year and I am fully supportive of this.”