NHS unveils schemes aimed at saving health service money

East Midlands Strategic Health Authority will be announcing nine new ground-breaking innovation projects, including one in Derbyshire, which could lead to savings for the NHS of £13 million.

The projects have received more than £750,000 funding from the 2011/12 East Midlands Regional Innovation Fund and it is estimated that by improving the way patient care is delivered and thereby reducing the NHS’ operating costs, they could achieve at least £2 million in productivity savings – which when added to the savings potential of previously funded projects, could make a total of £13m which can be ploughed back into NHS services.

They are to be showcased at the NHS Midlands and East Innovation Expo at Loughborough University which will bring together around 370 delegates from healthcare, universities, social care, industry, the independent and the voluntary sectors.

Established to offer frontline health care staff the opportunity to turn their ideas for quality improvement into action and inspire NHS staff to improve care even more. The event will include presentations and displays from NHS innovations across East Midlands, West Midlands and East of England. On the day, there will be speeches from the new NHS Midlands and East SHA cluster leaders including Kaye Burnett, Vice Chair for NHS Midlands and East and Dr Stephen Dunn, NHS Midlands and East Director of Policy and Strategy.

In the afternoon, Professor Allan Barrell, Entrepreneur in Residence at both the University of Cambridge, England, and McMaster University, Canada will share his views on the international lessons learned and innovation tips for the NHS.

Kaye said: “We are delighted to be hosting the first NHS Midlands and East Innovation Expo and highlighting this next set of successful regional innovation projects. The projects predict significant productivity gains and we hope we can increase these further by sharing the learning from them with healthcare leads from across the three SHAs.”

The East Midlands’ Regional Innovation Fund’s latest application process received bids from each of five PCT Clusters in the region who were keen to show their commitment and dedication to making continual improvements in patient care. The bids were then assessed by a panel and challenged before a decision was made to support them.