Parents tried in vain to save their baby son

Kyreece Swan
Kyreece Swan

THE heartbroken parents of tragic tot Kyreece Swan tried frantically to save him after finding him lifeless in his cot, an inquest has heard.

Five-month-old Kyreece was discovered not breathing by his horrified dad Kristian at the baby’s paternal grandparents’ home in Belper on June 30, 2010.

The tot had been put down for an afternoon nap at about 12.30pm by his mum Hayley Carlton-Paul, who went back to bed.

But when Kristian, 20, awoke and went to check on him at about 1.45pm, he was shocked to find Kyreece not moving.

Kristian told a Derby inquest: “I pulled his blanket off him and usually he would squiggle around and move but he didn’t. So then I tickled him around his ribs, but he still didn’t move.

“I knew something was wrong then, so I ripped him out of the cot. He was all floppy and a grey colour. He had some vomit around his mouth. I screamed for Hayley and started to do CPR on him to try and help him.”

Hayley rang 999 and paramedic Louisa Allcock was quickly on the scene. She told the inquest Kyreece was “icy cold” to the touch.

Despite repeated attempts at resuscitation by paramedics, doctors and nurses, Kyreece was pronounced dead at the Royal Derby Hospital.

Speaking after the inquest, Kristian and Hayley, 18, said they were glad the hearing was over.

“It has been emotional,” said Kristian. “Now we can just remember him the way we want to and carry on with our lives and look after his little sister.”

Kristian and Hayley have a little girl called Kaira who is almost five weeks old. They admitted they were fearful.

Hayley said: “We always knew we would want another one. It is not easy and there is the fear. But she is constantly monitored.”

The inquest heard Kyreece was a hungry baby, who was sick quite a lot, but was not poorly. It was said he was a healthy, normal baby.

Derby and South Derbyshire Coroner Dr Robert Hunter, said a large volume of vomit was discovered in Kyreece’s airway.

Dr Hunter returned a narrative verdict. In it he said: “Kyreece was found dead having aspirated food and gastric contents into his lungs.”

He continued: “His death was unforeseen and could not have been predicted. No individual or agency would have been in a position to prevent his death.”

Dr Hunter added that a “definitive cause remained unascertained”.