How I won £11,000 on TV’s Deal or No Deal

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A teacher from Fritchley has revealed how Noel Edmonds steadied his nerves shortly before he won £11,000 on Channel 4s Deal or No Deal.

Patrick Lamphee, 33, appeared on the show, where contestants compete against “The Banker” to win a possible £250,000, on Thursday July 5.

And speaking to the Belper News Patrick told how Noel offered him some important words of encouragement minutes before the programme recording began.

He said: “On the afternoon of my game he came backstage and had a good chat to me about what I wanted to go through from my game card, was there anything I didn’t want to talk about – as my mum had passed away about a year ago and I was worried about filling up talking about it – and then got me a cup of tea.

“During my game he was really nice, helping me keep my head on and giving me plenty of encouragement.”

The show is played with 22 boxes, each with certain sums of money inside. The player chooses a case or a box to knock an amount of money off the board.

Patrick’s first offer from the banker was £400, but rose to £5750, £6250 and then £11,000 .

Geography teacher Patrick, who lived on Mill, Lane Belper until a few months ago added: “When I said ‘deal’ I ended up opening my box which had £5 in it which was good.

“Once your name appears you just get on with it.

“After a few seconds of being out there in the chair and speaking to Noel you forget about the cameras that are following you around.”

Although the programme was aired last week, it was filmed in February and Patrick has already attended a reunion with his fellow contestants.

He added: “Overall the whole two weeks I spent down in Bristol were two of the best of my life. The other contestants were amazing. I made so many friends. There was a group of about 10 people that I got very close to.”