Hunt is on for the heirs to dead man’s fortune

THE search is on for a Belper family who could be in line to inherit an estate worth tens of thousands of pounds, which has lay unclaimed for ten years.

The search for an heir to Michael George Harrison’s fortune has switched to Belper after drawing a blank elsewhere.

It is being headed up by the nationwide Heir Hunters organisation.

Maurice Clarke, of Heir Hunters, could not reveal the estate’s exact value, saying it was under £100,000 but “is in the tens of thousands”.

The estate was first filed away in 2000 when Mr Harrison died. If it is not claimed by April 2012, it will pass to the State.

Maurice continued: “A Michael George Harrison was born in Belper in 1937. His mother was a Bradley and he is believed to have had many brothers, sisters or cousins, including Barr K (1935), Gerald (1939), Derek M (1940), Stuart (1944), Betty (1945), Avril (1948) and Elizabeth A (1948).

“Our understanding is Michael went to Hinckley, Leicestershire, from his place of origin.

“There he lived with a jeweller named Frederick Dagley for many years.

“We have spoken to 15 or so people in the Dagley family, but no-one seems to know where Michael originated from.

“Michael was single as far as we know. Although a couple of people thought he was married and had a son, maybe named David or Michael, who came to live with him in Hinckley.

“He had a council funeral and burial because there was no family around.

“People knew him and socialised with him but don’t know any more.

“Fred Dagley was gay, but we are not sure if Michael was also gay and they were partners. Fred died in 1989.

“Michael spent a lot of time in Hinckley and worked in Fred’s jewellery shop.”

He also thinks Fred retired in 1985 and had a bungalow built in Hinckley and Michael, and perhaps his son, went to live there.

“We want to hear from someone who is related to Michael or anyone who knew of him,” said Maurice.

Anyone who thinks they are related to Mr Harrison or has information on the whereabouts of any family members can contact Heir Hunters on 01788 333755 or at