Ilkeston OAP’s anger at being duped by conman

A pensioner has spoken of her anger after a callous conman who claimed to be raising money for a children’s charity made off with cash after tricking his way in to her home.

The 81-year-old woman, who did not want to be named, said the man made stole £20 from her wallet on January 13 and promptly left her Critchley Street home while she was making cup of tea which he had asked for.

The elderly woman said: “I should have known - all I had time to do was put the kettle on.

“I was in the kitchen when he said he had to go and give someone else some change so I checked and £20 was missing from my purse.”

The grandmother-of-five said she phoned the police straight away and tried not to touch anything so police could get the offender’s fingerprints.

“It shook me up but I am angry at myself for being so silly. I don’t normally buy things at the door but I gave in because he said it was for a children’s charity.”

She described the man as 5ft 8” tall and aged between 35-40.

In another incident on January 29 a conman wearing dark clothing gained entry to the home of a Cotmanhay road couple in their eighties by claiming to be selling cleaning products.

He snatched the husband’s wallet from his hands as he was buying some items and fled.

The couple said they were not sure how much cash was in the wallet.

Tree other incidents involving suspicious doorstep sellers were reported to police in January.

During one on Godfrey Drive on January 28 a man claiming to be selling mobility aids made off with cash while the elderly householder was making him a drink.

Another couple were targeted on Shirebrook Close on January 29.

Police are warning residents to put the door chain on before opening up and ask for identification.

If you are suspicious of a caller contact the police on 101.